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Transformational bodywork:   The body is the subconscious mind.  It holds and carries within it all of our experiences, traumas, and beliefs.  When we experience something traumatic, the energy (emotion) of that experience is held in our energy field.  If it is not dealt with properly and cleared out of the field, it can eventually move into the body ~ showing up as physical pain, dysfunction or dis-ease. The emotional imprinting is cleared out of the cellular memory during a session & person feel significantly lighter.


Spiritual Coaching for Individuals, couples, and families:

Arden works as a guide to assist others in aligning with their own happiness and wholeness.  With the understanding that we aren’t created in a vacuum and that we all come from families and lineages filled with patterns and dynamics that are dysfunctional. Once the concepts, beliefs, and dysfunctional patterns are identified, new images and concepts are introduced ~ creating a new paradigm and awareness to move forward into a deeper sense of clarity and inner-standing.


Healing Session:

After identifying what the client desires and creating a statement of intention, energies that are no longer a vibrational match to the desired outcome begin to be cleared away.  Using sound, vibration, intention, and breath, a deep clearing unfolds - all in accordance with each clients’ highest good. 

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