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"It is 100% clear what Arden is here on this planet to do. She has the beautiful gift of being able to help others on their healing journey. I am ever so grateful to know her. And have had the honor to witness her help so many others as a spiritual healer. The Deep Dive into the Awakened Heart was a game-changer for me. With the use of hermetic wisdom and different modalities of astrology and oracle wisdom, we learned hidden little gems about ourselves. We touched on guided meditations, ritual, ceremony, self Love and self-care as tools on our journey. With this knowledge and the powerful support of Arden and the other beautiful women in this group, I was able to learn more about identifying my triggers, processing them, and healing them with the power of love and the intention of connecting to our source and being free of all emotional and karmic bonds. This was the perfect way to step up my spiritual healing and adventurous journey in this lifetime! I love you Arden, thank you for living in your truth and helping others find theirs! " Kathleen T.


“Arden Donahue is not only an incredible, galactic being, she is an insightful, gracious, authentic teacher. I honestly don’t know if I would be in the place I am today if it weren’t for her. She is as genuine as ever, and really knows how to connect with you and feel your energy. Not only does her presence alone lift your spirits, she has allowed me to dive deep into my mind, heart, and soul and deal with certain parts of me that needed clearing, and awaken/recognize the parts of me that were hidden. I have gone to therapy for years but never got the help and guidance I needed until I started meeting with her. Arden has a way with words and actions. Whether I am receiving energy work or simply discussing certain aspects in life, I always leave feeling completely relieved, confident, happy and most importantly loved. It’s not every day you come across someone whose mission is so important to them to help heal others. She has not only become a master teacher of mine but a heartfelt friend. I am extremely grateful for all that she is and all that she does.” Gill E.

The mark of a true healer is one who has purified their own instrument to the degree that a clear and powerful channel is established and a relationship to the Source of all Being and the Source of all healing abides. Arden is undoubtedly that very rare healer - one who understands who and what the true healer is and who acts with humility, awe and great joy in being given the gift to partner with those willing to do this incredibly powerful work. 


In just a few sessions Arden was able to help raise a behemoth and dark energy that felt as deep and old as the earth. It has been truly an honor to join with her in the intention, co-creation and manifestation of my own well-being, balance and ever-unfolding healing. Words just can't touch the profound effect of her love, healing touch and power-mama wisdom! Give yourself this gift! Betsy

"Thank you, Arden, my very dear High Priestess. I experienced your healing ministrations nearly two months ago and in some inexplicable way I am relieved of a burden I had carried too long. I realize there is more work to be done and I welcome doing it with you. With much love, Martha"


"As a spiritual healer, every session that I have had with Arden has brought me to a place of higher energy and consciousness that brings my heart joy and has changed my life and interactions with others. My anxiety has decreased and I have let go of pain, guilt, and shame from this lifetime and the others that came before. Her work has truly made a difference for me and I can't thank her enough. I always look forward to my time with her because I know I will learn something new about myself that needs healing. She has become my "go to" for self-care and reflection." Kat B.

Here's the bottom line:  Arden Donahue will make you feel better, whether you have an esoteric viewpoint or not. That bears repeating, because it really is a lot to say: when you are in pain, when something is not right, Arden Donahue will make you feel better.  

Arden has the masterful ability to get to the root of the condition. While she has the certifications, training, tools, and techniques to address physical discomfort and misalignment, what she brings is so much more! Arden is able to dig beneath what is apparant and provide a level of healing that is more profound, far-reaching and lasting.  Arden has a tremendous amount of training in various schools of healing, but the beauty of it is, she has effectively synergized it into her own unique offering.   Arden will use her intuition and mastery to guide her approach for your individual journey toward well-being.

Dale Allen

Dale Allen Productions, LLC


Photo Credit - Laurie Klein.

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